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Selling your horse

Many breeders have been helped to sell their foals, young stallions and pregnant mares and more than half of the foals / horses sold have a future abroad. The aim of the KWPN is to help KWPN members sell their horses. The success of these auctions? Transparency, the KWPN inspector who has assessed all auction foals or horses and the veterinary check. In addition, the KWPN inspector is happy to speak to potential customers if they have specific questions about the collection. This service is regularly used. Read here more about the KWPN-auctions.

Register and bid
Before you can place a bid, you must register as a bidder on Even if you already have a KWPN membershipaccount, you must first register on the auction site to be able to bid.
After your registration you’ll receive an email with a link to activate your account.
Once registered and logged in, you can place a bid on the foal/horse of your choice.

More information about a foal or horse?
You can contact our inspector for more information:
Sales: +31 341 255551

Each horse's page will display the current bid and the next requested bid. When the last bid is yours, the current bid button will turn green and 'MY BID' will appear.
Below that the minimum next bid will be shown.

The auction closes on a predetermined date and time. The duration of the Auction is indicated on the auction site. If a bid is made in the last 5 minutes before the indicated closing time, the closing time is (always) extended with 3 minutes. The final closing will take place at the moment that no new offer has been made for 3 minutes after the last bid.

% auction costs for the buyer is 10%.

Winning bid
The foal / horse is assigned to the highest Bidder. If you are the highest bidder, you’ll receive a confirmation by e-mail immediately after the auction. After the auction you’ll also receive the contact details of the buyer / seller.

You’ll receive the invoice of your purchase by email via KWPN.
After payment has been received, the KWPN will send a delivery contract to the buyer and seller. This must be signed and returned after delivery. After receiving the contract, the auction amount will be paid to the seller.

Delivery and transport
Foals can be delivered from the moment they reach the age of 5 months. The foals will be delivered by the seller to the buyers address (within the Dutch borders).
The older horses must be picked up at their stable address by the buyer.

All foals/horses in the auction are not automatically insured during the auction. Our insurance partner Hippo Horse Insurance can take care of insurance for both seller and buyer:
+31 73-6419419

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